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Penatropin was Formulated By Famous United States Patent Holder and Taguchi Prize Recipient Hailed as “The Ethnopharmacologist of Year!”

Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart the man responsible for the breakthrough natural male enhancement discovery is revered as somewhat of a legend in the Far East. He is being called the Ethnopharmacologist of the Year for his ability to identify and unlock the secrets of nature in ways that can be utilized by people to improve their health. Here is a brief biographical overview of Dr. Cherdshewasart. Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart, is a Professor in the Department of Biology, on the Faculty of Science at Chulalongkorn University, the first and most famous Thai University. It is often referred to as “The Harvard of Thailand.” He received his Bachelor of Science in Zoology in 1975, and his Masters in Zoology in 1977. He earned his Masters of Science in Molecular Biology in 1986 and obtained his Doctorate, with great distinction in 1991, at the Vrije University Brussel, Belgium. In 1989 he received the Certificate in Plant Biotechnology by the ICRO-Universitad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

We are extremely proud of the results men around the world are getting with Penatropin. We have been featured on television reports, we have been named product of the year by a prestigious male enhancement review company, and we are the only natural male enhancement product to be back by published human clinical trials and a U.S. Patent.

However, what is most important to us, and what should be most important to men considering whether to purchase Penatropin or not, it what other men have to say. Here are some samples of what men have experienced..

Penatropin and how it has changed their sex life.

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1. Is Penatropin safe? Can I take it along with my other medications?

Penatropin Penis Growth Rate

Yes Penatropin is 100% safe. Think of Penatropin as part of your diet rather than as part of any medicinal regime. The ingredients are all natural and found in nature and have been clinically studied and tested for safety as well as for effectiveness.

2. How often do I have to take Penatropin to get results?

Penatropin was designed to be taken as a daily supplement to your normal diet for best results. The men in the clinical studies that achieved incredible results took the ingredients on a daily basis. Now that being said, once you've started a daily regime, an additional dose of Penatropin can also be taken a few hours before sex to maximize your sexual performance.

3. How do I use Penatropin?

You just take 2 capsules per day either in the morning or in the evening.

4. How long before I see results?

Some users experience results as fast as 60 minutes after taking Penatropin. Everyone has a different tolerance to certain key ingredients. Nevertheless, you should begin to notice the long-term benefits of Penatropin after about 7 days and the maximum benefits after about 21 days.

5. How is Penatropin different than other male supplements?

Unlike all other male enhancement supplements on the market, Penatropin is the only one with PUBLISHED DOUBLE-BLIND HUMAN CLINCAL TRIALS! There has been a gaping hole in substantiation for natural male enhancement products. Most companies are big on advertising promises, but low on scientific evidence and substantiation. Our formula is proprietary, is backed by clinical studies, and is protected by a U.S. Patent and 38 other Patents around the world. Also significant is the fact that Penatropin, which was designed by the Worlds Leading Herbal Researche and world renowned endocrinologist, Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart, is the only male enhancement product to properly address the need for specific, targeted, testosterone boosting in the corpora cavernosa. The difference between Penatropin and any other male enhancement product is dramatic! Results speak for themselves.

6. How come there is no L-Arginine in your product?

While L-Arginine might be a great ingredient for nitric oxide production, its effectiveness as a male enhancer has been greatly over-stated. It only helps with blood flow, but it is not as effective at increasing blood flow as Butea Supera. Not even close - that is why we use Butea Superba. Also, it has no effect on stimulating testosterone production in the penis, which is vitally important. L-Arginine has some minor benefits on male enhancement, but our product goes way beyond simple L-Arginine intake.

7. Will Penatropin show up on a drug test?

No. We get this question often since Penatropin not only improves the size, rigidity, responsiveness and stamina performance of your penis, but it also raises your testosterone level. You will have a higher testosterone score and feel stronger – but nothing will show up on a drug test. It is all natural.

8. Do You offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

We don’t just offer a money-back guarantee – we offer the strongest, most honored money back guarantee in the entire industry. Simply put – if you are not 100% thrilled with the amazing results you get with Penatropin you can get a complete 100% refund within 90 days of purchase – no tricks, not games, no complicated forms, no tomfoolery like other companies. It is 100% rock-solid – but guess what? You are never even going to use the guarantee, because you will be too happy with your new penis and the way it looks and performs to ever want a refund. Your biggest question is often – can I get more! Penatropin is the “real deal” that men around the world have been waiting for and now you can order it. But if for some reason it isnot for you – no problem, you will be refunded 100%.

9. How much bigger can I get?

This is the million-dollar question – and our favorite question. While the number one benefit men are looking for in a male enhancement product is the ability to get harder, many men are also looking to enhance their size. Not only does Penatropin make you significantly harder, our ingredients have also been shown to make you bigger.

Some men will get bigger than others, but all men will get bigger, it just depends upon what your size potential is. By expanding the capacity of the chambers of your penis with enhanced blood flow with our Vasodynamic technology, you can rest assured that you will get bigger than you have ever been and reach your full size potential.

The only way to get a bigger penis is to increase the blood flow to the tiny capalaries of your penis thereby making your penis bigger and harder. It sounds simple, but finding the right combination of ingredients that can unlock and trigger the significant enhancement in blood flow needed to accomplish this task is challenging – but we have done it with Penatropin. We believe you will be shockingly surprised at the results you get.

10. When will I receive my order?

We ship Monday through Friday and always ship within 24 hours upon receiving your order. Shipping takes between 2 and 7 business days (within the USA).

11. Is my order and billing discreet?

Absolutely. Penatropin is shipped to you in a plain white padded envelope and no one but you will know what's inside your package. And with regards to billing - Yes again. Your bank statement will say: "Super Health Products" and nothing about Penatropin or what it is.

12. Will anything else be sent to me, or billed to me, after I order?

No. You will only be billed for what you order today and nothing more. You will be shipped only what you order today.

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