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How Penatropin was Developed.

Everyone is looking for it. It's like the search for the Golden Fleece or the fountain of youth - a way to increase sexual performance and pleasure. Companies have been searching endlessly around the globe for any evidence or hope that some ingredient could provide an alternative to prescription drugs, free of potentially dangerous side effects and long term pitfalls that accompany prescription drugs. While many have tried to identify such a compound and develop such a product, none have been able to do so until now, with the advent of Penatropin™.

New natural products are a dime a dozen. They're everywhere. Companies are always offering up new products claiming to have "the latest" breakthrough to super sex and massive erection size increases. But the one thing that all of these products have in common is that none of them have human clinical trials to back up their claims. Independent clinical research is the ultimate test for a natural supplement. It tells the truth and only the truth. You can bet your last dollar that companies that bring new male enhancement products to the market haven't financed proper clinical studies to prove their products work. Phyto Health USA, on the other hand, was formed with the corporate philosophy of bringing to the market only lifestyle enhancing products that have been proven effective in human clinical trials. Dr. Saginor leads our team in developing the finest clinically proven products in the natural health marketplace. Our countless hours of examining research around the globe, reviewing studies and data, and evaluating the potential of natural compounds ultimately led us to Thailand.

We formed an exclusive alliance with the world's leading authority on Butea Superba - Dr. Wichai Cherdshewasart. He has proven in numerous clinical trials that this natural compound is the biggest scientific breakthrough in history for natural male enhancement. The Bangkok Post newspaper reported that over 20 tons a month are being shipped to Japan. Well, the great news is that we now have here in America this proprietary compound which all reports and clinical trials show really is that elusive "magic bullet" every man wants.

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