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I need every edge I can get when it comes to fucking like the racehorses in this business. I'm getting bigger, I'm fucking better and my confidence when doing scenes especially with more than one girl is the highest it has ever been. It's a Boner Bonanza!! Great shit.

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Ron Jeremy at SexPillGuru.com -
“It's my Pill of The Decade!”

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"The clinical trials on Butea Superba show Penatropin to be the most powerful male enhancement pill in the world. Men of all ages - not just young men - will see significant improvements while taking Penatropin."

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“My Wife has Noticed a Big Difference”

I have tried everything! I mean every kind of male enhancement pill invented (Vitrix, Argin Max, Longinexx, Xoman, Extenze and Enzyte….etc I can name 10 more.) and most of them didn’t do anything. Stamina Rx helped my erections, but not as much as I hoped. I am contacting you to let you know that your product Penatropin has surpassed my expectations. I have been taking them for over 3 months and I am amazed at the difference. I didn’t measure myself, but I am definitely bigger. It’s not like 3 inches longer or anything, but my penis is so much fuller and larger. My wife has noticed a big difference. Your product is really great. I feel more virile, and sex is better. I will continue to take it, and am a loyal and grateful customer.

-Sammy, V. Age 29 Chula Vista, CA
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“Your Pills Are Sensational”

When I tried your pills I wasn’t expecting my penis to grow or get 5 inches longer like some of the pills claim. I know that’s impossible. But I’m a body builder and take supplements for muscle recovery, muscle size, and cell oxygenation, and I take supplements that make a huge difference for me in the area of body building. So I am a big believer in supplements. I want to let you know your pills are sensational. I am very aware of my body and can tell what has an effect on me, and Penatropin really works. My erections are full, a little longer, wider, and so hard – real hard. Great product, I would highly recommend to any guy looking to have better sex.

-David M., Age 38 Davie, FL
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“I see a HUGE difference in my size”

I am 51 years old and have been taking Penatropin for over 5 months now and I can honestly say I see a HUGE difference in my size and overall sexual performance. Libido or getting in the mood has never been an issue for me, but even there I notice a difference as well. By far the biggest difference from before I started taking Penatropin to now is the size and strength of my erection. The force of my orgasms are back to what it was like 15 to 20 years ago. I come like thunder! This is definitely the best natural sex pill I have ever used and one of the best investments I have made in my life. Great stuff!

-David J., Ballwin, MO
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“I Am Absolutely Blown Away By How I Feel”

Incredible product you guys have. I am absolutely blown away by how my penis feels. It is bigger, hangs lower, and just has more mass to it. I am seeing two different women right now and they both have noticed a big difference. I was always kind of average in size I guess and now my stuff is much bigger. It really is noticeable, and the difference in both of my girlfriends is actually funny. Now they seem more interested in doing different stuff in bed. It’s like I’m sexier or something. Both of them, and they don’t know each other, are hornier around me and I have been having the time of my life. Thanks for such a great product.

-Gerry J., Downers Grove, IL
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“Longer Bro”

You did it! My little buddy is way, way longer than ever before in my life. Can’t thank you enough. The feeling I get now when some hottie unzips my pants for the first time and sees what I am packing is the best feeling ever. Nothing else I need in this world. Thanks to you doc!!

-Jeff D. Birmingham, AL
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“I Was Insecure My Penis Wasn’t as Big as His”

Been taking Penatropin for about a month and a half and want you to know they are the best thing to ever happen to me. I feel great every time I get in bed with the girl I am seeing now. She used to date this football player and I was always insecure that my penis wasn’t as big as his, and she was unsatisfied, and secretly wished she was still sleeping with him. Well, I feel 10 feet tall. I am bigger. It’s like my whole erection is heavier, if that’s the way to say it. Like it’s pumped up like your muscles after lifting weights. I can’t wait to get in bed with my girlfriend and other girls for that matter because I know they are going to love the size of my penis thanks to your pills. This stuff should be marketed better. Men need to know not that they are going to get 5 inches longer, which is bull, and turns guys off, but you need to let them know this will make you bigger overall, and that the difference is something that you can see and a difference that girls will definitely notice. Great product that you need to get the word out on better. Maybe on Facebook.

-Jeremy S. Washington, DC
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“My Ex-Wife Made it Quite Clear That I am Not Well-Endowed”

Never thought I would be writing to a sex pill company, but I have to say your product has played a very important role in my life. I got divorced over four years ago and my sex life has pretty much been terrible. I don’t have sex regularly, and when I do I am so uptight and self-conscious because of the size of my erections. The few women I have dated broke it off with me, and I know that part of the reason was because my penis is small. My ex-wife made it quite clear that I am not well-endowed. I got your pills, gave it a shot, and man did they ever work. I have so much more confidence with women. I have a new girlfriend who I really like, and I know she likes sex with me. I don’t feel nervous or tense in bed because my erections are now big. I don’t know how I really stack up next to other guys, but for me it’s much bigger. It’s amazing. So just a quick note to say thanks and to let you know your product can deeply affect a persons self worth and life experience. Thank you.

-Harold G., Alpena, MI
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  • Penatropin Can Make You Bigger
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